Mission:  Create a joyful, cooperative and regenerative living community for people whose lives are guided by mindfulness, nonviolence, and altruism.

Vision: Build an abundant, peaceful, joyful village for the members of the community. The village will consist of comfortable, creative and efficient housing with abundant shared and adequate personal space for all. Shared food production resources, such as food forests, vegetable gardens, a mushroom farm, bee hives, livestock, poultry, rainwater harvesting, and aquaponics will be installed and stewarded.  Shared recreational resources such as a pool, Jacuzzi, playground, dance hall/community center, and meditation space will be improved and maintained. These elements will primarily serve to nourish community members. Secondly, they will serve our greater community in Fallbrook and North San Diego County by providing people opportunities to connect with one another, share their joy and celebrate life. Members of the community will have the opportunity to earn ownership in the business that owns and rents the community’s assets through investment of labor and capital.

Values: Peace. Joy. Nonviolence. Cooperation. Abundance.


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