2/3 Bed For Rent – Potential Option to Buy In 9 Months Later –

Gold Berry Hill (a.k.a.) Laughing Oak Village (a.k.a.) Sage Hill

Available As Soon As We Find You

2-3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath, 1140 square feet on 2.5 Acre Regenerative Village

$1595/mo plus utilities, 6 month minimum lease with option to buy in to community business model after 9 mos.

This modest cottage is peaceful and charming.  If you are looking for a nice home in an intentional community with a permaculture value set and the option to own equity in a sustainable village housing venture, please consider arranging a tour and meeting.

          More details about the house: Wood floors and ceilings. An open kitchen/dining/living area. A wood stove. A long sunroom. A master bedroom with attached closet and bath. A nice back patio. New carpet, new paint and laundry inside. It’s a nice house with a cozy, cottage feel. It comes with the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a regenerative housing community in Fallbrook that will live out its values and nourish the people that live here. It is close to downtown Fallbrook, (5 min away) so you can take advantage of the grocery stores, schools, coffee shops, yoga studios, culture and hardware store in town.

 Gold Berry Hill (a.k.a.) Laughing Oak Village (a.k.a) Sage Hill

Community Mission, Vision, Values

Mission:  Create a joyful, cooperative and regenerative living community for people whose lives are guided by mindfulness, nonviolence, and altruism.

Vision: Build an abundant, peaceful, joyful village for the members of the community. The village will consist of comfortable, creative and efficient housing with abundant shared and adequate personal space for all. Shared food production resources, such as food forests, vegetable gardens, a mushroom farm, bee hives, livestock, poultry, rainwater harvesting, and aquaponics will be installed and stewarded.  Shared recreational resources such as a pool, Jacuzzi, playground, dance hall/community center, and meditation space will be improved and maintained. These elements will primarily serve to nourish community members. Secondly, they will serve our greater community in Fallbrook and North San Diego County by providing people opportunities to connect with one another, share their joy and celebrate life. Members of the community will have the opportunity to earn ownership in the business that owns and rents the community’s assets through investment of labor and capital.

Values: Peace. Joy. Nonviolence. Cooperation. Abundance.

Who is in the community?

Maria – A yoga teacher from Mexico who came to the States to get her masters in integral health.  She loves yoga, meditation, running, talking, dancing, and is learning how to surf. She enjoys connecting with people and laughing!

Braydon – A young thirty year old, who loves the land, people, good food, growing food, good conversation, meditating, and much more. He is making a career out of helping adults with developmental disabilities. He enjoys being as active as possible and can’t wait to meet you!!

Theresa – A 29 year old who loves a good one-on-one conversation, yoga, cooking, backrubs, dancing, prayer, shared work, quiet time, and raising children. She has a passion for birth and sharing with others how amazing our bodies are. She learns so much every day from the people around her and is most grateful for the relationships in her life.

Frank – A 29 year old entrepreneur with a fun business, a wonderful wife and two mirthful daughters. He envisions making his communities more joyful and abundant through his work. He enjoys archery, hunting, poetry, bee keeping, mead making, dance jams and the salvific nature of love.

Eleanor – A two year old with a lot of energy and a great sense of humor.  Ellie loves dancing, singing, playing, reading, jumping, cooking, hiking, just about anything really. She’s great.

Claire  – An infant with a lot of bubbly smiles. She loves sleeping, nursing and eye contact.

Who would be a Good Fit?

People who are looking to live in an intentional community. People who are comfortable and happy living around families and children. People who value and want to live lives of peace, joy, nonviolence, cooperation and abundance. People who enjoy living a mindful life, full of joyful relationships and close to the land.  People who understand the beauty in striking a balance between joyful sharing and the need for personal space. People who love to share work and contribute time, energy, labor and resources to the land and permaculture village vision.

How Do I apply?

Please go to http://goo.gl/forms/3OAqjMRu7H and fill out the form replying as openly and honestly as you can.  But don’t worry!  Be yourself.  You’re gonna be great! Thanks. We look forward to being in touch.



Contact Us –

Email Address: laughingoakvillage@gmail.com

Application Form: http://goo.gl/forms/3OAqjMRu7H

Addendum – Community Assets:

Food Forest (planned and producing, various stages) Producing: Citrus trees (all kinds), Fig, Brazilian Cherry, Pomegranate, Guava, Strawberry Guava, Avocado, Macadamia, Indian hot pepper. Planted: Stone Fruit, Apple, Cherimoya, Mango, Banana, Sapote. Planned: Chestnut, Oak, More Pomegranate, Olive (?), cane fruit, passionfruit, hops (?).

Gardens – Vegetable, Salad, Squash (various stages)

Planned/Intended Food Production- mushroom farm, bee hives, livestock, poultry, rainwater harvesting, and aquaponics.

Shared recreational resources: Pool, spa, playground, dance hall/community center, and meditation space are here. Some need just a little work. Some need a lot of work. However, all will eventually be improved and maintained, Great Spirit Willing…

Future Development Opportunities – 4 outbuildings could potentially be turned into accommodations.  The property is also zoned in a way that opens up options for more houses to be built on the land.  This could enable the growth of the community.


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